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Yes. It's currently set at GHs120,000.

The on-site Sales Adviser usually holds a list of customers who are interested in particular plots so that all parties are informed when the plot is released for sale.

You can also sign up for automatic updates by either SMS or email by registering your details on our website or with the Sales Adviser on your development of interest.

The earliest date you can reserve a property is when it is first released for sale. The on site Sales Adviser can keep you informed of plot release dates.

As part of our Sales service, you will be kept informed of all progress of your purchase. This includes regular chasing of the broker (if you borrowed from an external lender and not our inhouse lender) for progress on your mortgage application and survey, to making sure all your legal paperwork is ready on time with your solicitor, to allow the exchange of contracts and legal completion to go through smoothly. We also keep you fully up to date on the build progress of your new DCANS Properties home.

Your new home is insured by DCANS Properties until the moment of legal completion. From then on you are responsible for the insurance of both the buildings and its contents.

Your mortgage lender will insist on building insurance. They may recommend an insurer but you should also be able to shop around for the best deals - please check with your lender on the type and amount of cover required.

Contents insurance can in many cases be included within the building insurance policy. However you can have separate insurance providers for buildings and contents. It is your choice whether to insure your contents or not.

All of our homes are priced at near 100% complet-ion, and include such items as floor coverings, lighting, kitchen cabinets, bath sinks, tubs/showers, and closet shelving. Items not included but available at an additional cost; are septic systems, wells, tap fees, driveways, sidewalks, backfilling/landscaping, connection of water, sewer, permits, site excavation and preparation, temporary construction power and water

We include the water heater and a few others that are listed for each home type. We offer an option for an appliance package, at an additional cost, for our Customers who need appliances.

Yes, we can handle every aspect of the construction process. Items not normally included with our home can be priced and included in your contract price. We provide a listing of available options for your use in deciding what items you would want us to provide.

Yes. We have model homes and rental units as part of our own rental property portfolio for you to drop by, and we do have showhomes and a showroom of products as well. However, you will need to complete no cash upfront Proof of Funds (POF) before you can drop by.

Showrooms for suppliers for lighting, flooring, wall covering, paint, roofing, plumbing fixtures, furniture, and more available.

You can afford a property costing no more than the combined total of the deposit that you saved (or can save) plus the amount you can borrow on mortgage, if you're not paying cash in full. Typically, this is three times the principal income plus one times the second income. But some lenders will lend more, and some less.

These are the areas within a development which do not form a plot to be assigned to an individual proprietor. They include play areas, landscaped areas, roads and footpaths that are not intended for adoption by any of the relevant local authorities.

Within flatted areas on a development, this may include parking areas, street lighting, and communal stairways, which are not intended for adoption by the local authority.

DCANS Properties normally appoint a Managing Agent for the upkeep of these.

Can also be referred to as Valuation Survey.

Prior to making a mortgage offer your lender will have the property valued for mortgage purposes. A small fee will normally be payable.

Please note that the value the lender puts on the property is a valuation for loan purposes and may not reflect the open market value of the house. If you order a lot of optional extras and and numerous additions for your new home the full value of these may not be reflected in the value the lender puts on the property.

Your lawyer will arrange for you to sign a binding purchase contract. At this time your agreed deposit will need to be paid. DCANS Properties will also sign their copy of the contract and send it to their lawyers. Once these contracts are exchanged the transaction becomes legally binding.


DCANS Properties provides a 1 year Homeowner’s Warranty which includes structural and workmanship coverage. Optional extended warranties are available.

Several reasons account for this.

- DCANS Properties has access to long-term patient capital via the group's property fund.

- Our volume allows us to purchase building materials at prices considerably below what the average Builder pays. These savings are passed on to our Customers in the way of lower prices.

We aim to make moving home as simple as possible, and from the day you walk on to our Development to the moment we hand over the keys to your brand new home, we undertake to provide you with the best possible customer service. Our Customer Service Charter describes the level of service and standards that you can expect DCANS Properties.

Our Sales Advisor will be there on the day you move in to ensure you settle in as smoothly as possible. Three days after moving in, we will make a courtesy call or visit to ensure you are happy with your new surroundings.

The Site Manager will contact you within seven days of legal completion to arrange to complete any reported items. You will also be provided with Our Customer Care Department contact details so that there will be someone there you can speak to about any outstanding issues.

Your new home needs to 'run in'. During this period, the main thing to bear in mind is that your house is still drying out, since thousands of litres of water were used in the construction. As your new home dries out, it will release moisture into the air which can create condensation on cold surfaces such as windows and exterior walls. You can reduce this by keeping background central heating as low as possible, and you may choose to open windows for a while each day, to circulate fresh air round the house. During this period, a few small cracks may appear in the walls and woodwork, this is quite normal and can be cured when you re-decorate.

You will be provided with our "Homecare" booklet upon moving into your new home which gives you essential advice on all aspects of maintaining your new home.

Upon completion, you will be contacted by our Customer Care Department and they will outline the process in the event of an emergency in your new home.

There will be a number you can call for day time assistance and a separate number for out of office hours so that you always have someone you can speak to in case of an emergency.

We know that you will want to visit your new home during construction and we will do all we can to allow you reasonable access.


A new home building site is exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Your safety is of prime importance to us. Therefore, we must require that you contact the Sales Representative before visiting the construction area. We reserve the right to require that you wear a hard hat and that a member of our staff accompany you during your visit. We also reserve the right to refuse your request to enter the building site if there are any safety concerns.

Please observe common-sense safety procedures at all times when visiting:

- Keep older children within view. Due to safety regulations, no children under 16 are allowed on site.

- Do not walk backwards even one step. Look in the direction you are moving at all times.

- Watch out for boards, power cables, tools, nails or other building materials that might cause an injury or accident.

- Do not enter any level of a home that is not equipped with stairs and rails.

- Stay a minimum of two metres from all excavations.

- Give large, noisy building machinery or delivery vehicles plenty of room. Assume that the driver can neither see nor hear you.


Visiting your new home during the 14 days prior to legal completion:

During the final 14 days prior to your legal completion your new home will be inspected and tested on at least three occasions.

From this 14-day mark we are especially strict about what goes on in your new home. Our aim is to deliver a clean and complete home to you on legal completion day. This means that your home will have restricted access. Only finishing trades and customers are allowed inside.


Should you visit your new home during this period we ask you to note the following:

- Please do not enter your home without the prior permission of the sales representative.

- Trades may still be working in your home and surfaces may not be dry or finished.

- Please do not place items on surfaces that might be marked.

- Please keep children, other family members and pets under your control. New surfaces and finishes can be easily marked.

- You may see some cards and stickers on the walls, doors, windows and fitted furniture. These form part of our extensive quality control process please do not remove them.

- Smoking, eating or drinking in the home is not permitted.

The price of the house includes everything from the foundation to all mechanical, painting and trim work. The homes are “move in” ready including appliance hookups. DCANS Properties homes does include the price of the land or “Owner Responsibilities” in the listed prices.

It is difficult to give an exact time frame for the completion of a home. There are many factors that affect the length of construction. Examples of items affecting the length of the construction process: accessibility to the construction site, adverse weather conditions, utility issues, size and configuration of the home, attached garages, basements, hardwood, laminate and/or ceramic floor coverings, change orders, scheduling issues, inspections, and the time of the year, just to mention a few.

Our average build time from digging the footing to completing the walk-through for the customer is approximately 3 to 6 months after building permit approval, depending upon the size and complexity of your home.

New developments are coming up almost every quarter at sites across Ghana (excluding the three northern regions), in conjunction with DCANS Developments LLC (a sister company). Most of our homes are custom built for clients. Contact DCANS Properties to see if a time can be scheduled to view a particular clients home or model home.

Our customers can choose from many available options and upgrades. Contact DCANS Properties to schedule an appointment to build your personal price quote.

No, there are no hidden costs. All costs for transportation/ material delivery, drawing plans, etc. are included in the cost estimate of the house. Engineering when required is additional.

DCANS Properties can assist you by recommending you to our inhouse lender DCANS Investments LLC or an external bank or financial company for obtaining a Construction and Permanent Loan. If Perm Loans are available, this type of loan allows you to roll the cost of the land, site work, and house into one loan with one closing, saving you both time and money. Beach Resort Homes has established relationships with several lending institutions and would be happy to help find the one that suits your needs. You do have the option to use any lender you choose

Verify Sewer Suitability:

Verify the existence of sewer or suitability of soil for a septic system.


Set up Plot Plan:

Surveyor develops a plot plan. DCANS Properties will give you a footprint of your home to the surveyor who will create a plot plan locating the home on your lot. This plot plan will be needed at the time of building permit application.


Engineering if required:

An engineer develops foundation plans and other required plans. DCANS Properties will give a blueprint of your home to the engineer who will create a structural review and foundation plan. These plans will be needed at the time of building permit application.


Applying For a Building Permit:

DCANS Properties will supply construction drawings for the proposed home and a surveyor will provide the plot plan, if needed, the engineer will create a structural review and foundation plan. If you need a driveway permit, apply at this time. A Health permit and/or proof of sewer may be required with the building permit application.


Site Preparation:

The lot is cleared with positive drainage and any required erosion control in place. The house site, septic area, if applicable, and driveway are made free of any and all debris. A temporary construction driveway is put in place and mud free access to the construction site is provided.


Delivery of Documents:

Any remaining contract documents is given to DCANS Properties, to include the Funding Agreement, approved construction drawings, all permits, a Plot Plan, a Certificate of Insurance, as well as, written directions to the property.


Water and Electricity Set Up:

One temporary hose bib connected to public water or private well is installed. Temporary electric service is installed by an electrician and an account established in your name at the power company.


Construction Staking:

The surveyor stakes house corners for footing purposes. DCANS Properties coordinates with the surveyor for foundation points after footing installation.


Sewer/Septic System Setup:

A sewer or septic system may be installed at anytime between the lot clearing and grading/landscaping activities without interfering with DCANS Properties building process.


Driveway Setup:

Driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping activities occur after construction of the house is complete. DCANS Properties is happy to assist you with any these activities.

We sure can, and it’s unfortunate, but we’ve had to perform a number of “salvage” jobs in the past like this. We get calls from time to time from a distraught homeowner who can’t get his builder to call him back, or sometimes we’ll even get a call from a homeowner who says “I had to fire my builder…. but my house is half-way done. Can you finish it?” — we’re happy to help in most of these cases. Just remember that—as unfortunate as it is—there’s sometimes insult added to the injury in that it will end up costing you more in the end due to the the extra expense of us picking up where another builder left off.

A mortgage is not required for the tenant to move into the property. The tenant will rent the property for a period of 5 or 10 years and this allows them to build up a deposit whilst enjoying living in the property. At the end of the period they will be able to buy the Rent to Buy house at a fixed price and apply for a mortgage.

If at the end of the period they are not ready to buy the house for whatever reason the agreement can continue for a further period up to 10 years.

The Rent to Buy scheme available has been designed to allow most people participating in the scheme to own their own property in the first five years by building up a sufficient deposit.

By fixing the rent and having paid an initial deposit the tenant can be certain of the amount of deposit they will build up from the outset. However, if they are unable to secure a mortgage or other means of funding the period can be extended to up to 10 years.

Five years should give most people ample time to secure a mortgage to purchase your Rent to Buy house. However, the tenant buyer has up to 10 years to do so as additional security. If for any reason they are unable to do so there are options available to them:

1. Sell the property and make a profit based upon the equity built up and any increase in value. This is our recommended option.

2. Not proceed to buy the Rent to Buy house. In this case the deposit would be returned to you.

The beauty of the Rent to Buy scheme is yes they can. They are effectively getting all of the benefits of being a homeowner without having a mortgage.

If house prices rise over the term they can sell the property and benefit from any equity in the property in addition to the deposit they have paid that has grown throughout.

The benefit of this to you is that it encourages the tenant to make improvements and pay the rent in a timely manner. In addition, you get to sell your property.

With anything, there is always an element of risk. However, there is data available on the performance of the housing market. Historically, house prices have never dropped over a period of 10 years.

Should it happen, hopefully the tenant will still have built up equity enabling them to complete the purchase. In the unlikely event that they decide to walk away you would receive their entire deposit.

Quite simply, no. The reason the deposit is required at the outset is to ensure that the tenant is committed to buying the house. It is also designed to provide them with the opportunity of getting onto the housing ladder as quickly as possible by having a sufficient deposit to obtain a mortgage. Should the tenant decide to not complete, you have the security of the deposit.

It is no different to buying a property with a mortgage; you cannot ask the mortgage lender to return your deposit if you decide to move but you still benefit from any equity in the property.

The deposit is retained by us in a separate account. It is then paid to the appointed solicitor/lawyer when the purchase is completed. If you do not complete the sale, the deposit monies are returned to the tenant. If the tenant does not complete the sale the deposit monies are returned to you.

It’s important that every eventuality is covered.

If you die, any surviving seller or their estate will inherit the property and the existing agreement. It is unlikely to affect the sale of the property unless any lender insisted upon the disposal. In which case the deposit would be returned to the tenant.

If the tenant dies, the agreement will continue to be completed by the last surviving tenant. Upon the death of the last surviving tenant, all payments held in the account will be repaid to the tenant buyer(s) respective estates in equal shares.

No. Any interest that accrues on the deposit is used towards administering the Rent to Buy scheme.

Rent to Buy works in a similar way to the traditional way of buying a house.

When you buy a house you “exchange contracts”. At this point both sides are legally committed to the sale and purchase. A “completion date” is agreed and this is when you become the legal owner and move in.

With Rent to Buy you exchange contracts in the usual way but completion is extended to take place up to 10 years in the future.

Once exchange of contracts has taken place the tenant can move into the property straight away. Both parties have entered into a legal agreement and you are committed to selling the house at the fixed price. You cannot change your mind or revise the price so the tenant has the security of knowing they are on the first step to homeownership.

Your solicitor/lawyer will guide you through the process and we can provide you with an experienced Rent to Buy solicitor/lawyer who will independently represent you.

No. You have entered into a legally binding agreement to sell the property at the agreed price and you cannot change your mind. Under the legal agreement the price is 100% fixed.

The house is now the tenant’s home and we want you to encourage them to treat it that way. They are free to decorate and improve it however you wish and they will benefit from any increases in the value of the property as a result of any improvements they have made. You are responsible for carrying out an annual gas safety check and buildings insurance only saving you a substantial amount of money on maintenance repairs.

You are responsible for organising and paying for the house building insurance. If the tenant needs to make a claim on the building insurance, it will be subject to them paying your insurance excess. It is the tenant’s responsibility to organise and pay for contents insurance for their own possessions.

In the same way as if they had a mortgage or were simply renting in the usual way, it is their responsibility to pay the rent and monthly deposit top up. If they fail to do so their home is at risk.

If they experience difficulties in paying we would contact them immediately to agree a proposal for payment. If they default on payment their tenancy may be terminated when they will be lose the right to purchase the property and deposit will be returned to you in full.

We do allow tenants to keep house trained pets in the property.

This is one of the most common questions we get, and it’s a little bit hard to answer since each one of our homes is custom-built for the family that’s going to live in it. However, you can view our “list of standard finishes” by clicking here. If you have certain finishes or building materials you’d like to use, we’re very happy to accommodate you.

When it comes to “upgrades,” we don’t really have a system like production builders do where you look around inside a model home and say “I’d like this model, but with upgraded counter tops.” You’re never locked into a “standard” level of anything; you will always pick what goes into your home. That’s the beauty of custom.

Just about any style you can think of. We don’t just work off a fixed set of floor plans, and we’re not limited to certain styles that we’ve done in the past. In fact, if you really want us to get excited about your home, ask us to build a home we’ve never done before, so long as it's contemporary. See floor plans and 3d rendering samples.

Some people come to us with a very clearly defined idea of exactly what they want, including having made choices on paint colours, materials, styles, home layouts, and more. Other people walk into our office and say “I know I want 3,500 square feet on two levels, and that’s about all I know so far.”

Either approach works just fine for us. It’s our job to get to know you, and what you like, so we can work with just about anybody, no matter what step they’re at. Our very detailed design/build process will quickly uncover what kinds of finishes and design features are important to you. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide more insight about this process.

It depends.” Solar systems, like a custom home, are not a “one size fits all” purchase. There are a few things that need to be taken into account when considering a solar power system for your home, including:


The size of the home:

How many square feet is your home, and what kind of layout does it have? It’s not enough to just know the total size of the home—we also need to know the floor plan. As an example, there’s a difference in what we can do with a 4,000 sq ft home that’s all on one level vs a home with 2,000 sq ft on a main level and a 2,000 sq ft basement.


The number of people living in the home:

The size of your family has a direct impact on your energy consumption, so we’d need to know that in order to determine what your energy needs would be.


The lifestyle of those living in the home:

Above and beyond the number of residents in the house, how do the people who live there use the home? Does everyone leave the house at 8:00am and go to work and/or school, leaving the house empty all day? Or do you have someone who works from home, or elderly folks who stay at home during the day time? Is everyone in the house good at turning off all the lights when they leave the room, or do you let light bulbs burn all day when nobody’s home?


Your goals as a home owner:

Why is it that you want solar power in the first place? To minimize your environmental impact? To save money? To live off-grid? All the above, or another reason altogether? All of these factor in heavily not only on whether solar energy is right for you home in general, but what kind of system will work best for you, if at all. For example, if you want to live off-grid but have large electrical appliances, you may need a very large and expensive system.


The life stage of the occupants and future plans for the home:

Will this be the home you spend the rest of your days in, or are you planning on moving again in ten years? It may not make sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a system that only starts paying you back in 25 years if you’re only planning to live in the home for ten years.


The need for energy storage, if any:

Will you be able to sell back excess electricity you don’t need to the utility company? Will you need batteries to store it?

All of these questions need to be considered (and answered) as part of the overall design of your home’s solar system.

Having said all that, generally speaking, a residential solar photovoltaic (solar PV) system is somewhere between 2,000 and 10,000 watts, depending upon the needs and goals of the owner. For argument’s sake, an “average” home would handle most of its electrical needs with a 5KW system.

Everything is included in all our home seller packages other than the cost of floor plans (if you need one) which can be added for $200 and no home visit. There are no hidden fees or charges and all our packages include viewings arranged, sales progression, no sole agency agreements, property marketing and a full local estate agency service.

We aim to sell all properties that are realistically priced within 90-180 days of instruction, with the typical time to achieve a sale taking around 12 to 18 weeks. Should your property be on the market longer than expected, we will help you review your options by conducting a full marketing review of your property every 28 days. We look at everything such as all of your previous viewings and feedback, offering tailored extras to boost your viewings and we will re-evaluate the local market including details of what is selling in the area. The NO SALE NO FEE package provides a NO SALE NO FEE guarantee, just like a traditional estate agent (this excludes any fees for additional services, such as a floor plans or home visit).

The simple answer is no. We always aim to achieve the best possible price. We will help with negotiations and viewings when and where required. We judge our success on the basis of achieving the top price for our customers in a open and transparent way.

Yes, you can still use our services. You can choose to instruct us straight away and set the date for your marketing to start as the day your current agreement comes to an end or you could also instruct us as an additional agent, subject to the terms of your existing agency agreement. We don’t believe in sole agency agreements so we don’t have them unlike some other traditional agents.

No. We will not share any of your personal details with any third party unless you authorise us to do so. We do however provide your name and contact telephone number to the opposing party when a viewing is arranged, just in case you both need to communicate on the day, before the viewing takes place (unless you have chosen our services to take care of your viewings).

You can view our Terms and Conditions by clicking here. The agreement with us is not all about us, but what we offer and what we promise to do.

When we have uploaded the photographs, property description and floor plan you will receive a text message and/or email telling you that your advert is ready to view. Simply reply by email confirming that your advert is correct and once approved your advert will go live instantly on our website and third party portals.

We have a safe and secure method of arranging viewings of your property. Unlike most agents who just take a phone call, get a person’s name and address and arrange the viewing with anyone who wants to view. With DCANS Properties all potential viewers will need to register, go through a verification process, meet our proof of funds requirement and will receive a call back from us. In relation to offers, every time that an offer is made we take key information from the proposed buyer and then an offer check process is conducted to ensure they are able to proceed with the purchase.

You can request and arrange a viewing by telephoning or emailing one of our local agents. Alternatively you can call into our sales offices with an appointment.

You will receive a telephone call and an email confirmation with the viewing details once confirmed with the property seller. You can change or cancel your viewing appointment by telephoning or emailing your local agent. Alternatively you can call into our sales offices.

Only if the property seller or buyer has given their written or express authority to do so, otherwise DCANS Properties will contact and liaise with each party on your behalf.

You can cancel or rearrange a viewing by telephoning or emailing one of our local agents. Alternatively you can call into our sales offices.

You will receive an email and/or telephone call confirming whether your offer has been accepted, rejected or negotiated.

Yes, but we can take care of everything for you; we use professional photographers and experienced copywriters to show your house in the best possible light, if you choose our Upfront fee or Guarantee option.

We offer independent advice on all financial aspects and can arrange conveyancing for you too. We can point you in the right direction for mortgage help, insurance and any other support you need, whether you’re a buyer or seller.

No, we can take care of everything for you; we use professional photographers and experienced copywriters to show your house in the best possible light.

We offer independent advice on all financial aspects and can arrange conveyancing for you too. We can point you in the right direction for mortgage help, insurance and any other support you need, whether you’re a buyer or seller.

No, we can take care of everything for you; we use professional photographers and experienced copywriters to show your house in the best possible light.

We offer independent advice on all financial aspects and can arrange conveyancing for you too. We can point you in the right direction for mortgage help, insurance and any other support you need, whether you’re a buyer or seller.

Individuals or Families who pay more than 30 percent of their income for housing are considered cost burdened and may have difficulty affording necessities such as food, clothing, transportation and medical care.

You can apply for a loan by:

- Fill in the online application form and our representative will get in touch with you.