Property As Pension

Pension or property: Which is the better investment? Ghana's mandatory pensions (Tier I and II) are compulsory for all employees but optional for all other income earners. When it comes to picking an investment most likely to grow over the years, property has long been seen as a good choice. The Ghana property market has been famously bullish.

Both pensions and property investments can deliver long-term growth – and, when it comes to funding your retirement, both could have an important role to play. Here we weight up the advantages and limitations of both property (whether buy-to-let or your own home) and pensions as a source of retirement funds.


What we are revealing below could cost you thousands of Ghana Cedis, but being offered here for free - Mediocre Fund Managers will not be happy that we are exposing them with their paltry returns for their investors.



There are several reasons for choosing property investment as a better pension vehicle than any other in Ghana today. One of the real disadvantages of putting money into a pension is that you can’t access it until you’re at least 60. But given that the whole purpose of a pension is to invest for retirement, this shouldn’t be considered a drawback. If you expect to need access to additional funds before you reach 60, setting up other investments in addition to your pension, like property investment is key.


We cataloque a few below reasons to invest in property as your property income below:

• As property values have continued to soar over recent decades, some investors have indeed capitalised on the trend of building property portfolios worth hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis.

• Along with rental income, the potential increase in value of the property over time can deliver a sizeable profit when you come to sell.

• The combination of rental yields and capital growth means you have both immediate income and the potential for long-term profit. You also have the option to sell the property at any point and invest the money in other ways.

• Annual returns from the combined rental income and property appreciation far exceeds any returns of any pension or regulated investment in Ghana today, and we're going to prove that with publicly available figures and data shortly.

• If you’re planning to fund your retirement from rents alone, it's even possibe to build a property portfolio with mortgages available (everage).



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