How We Operate

It's erroneous to assume we work just like any other real estate investment company. We operate a no-upfront fee structure that makes us both effective and efficient that also guarantees operational profits year-in year-out.


Digital First

All the information you need to do business with us have already been provided on this website. You don't need to call us to make an enquiry. It is always advised that you see our FAQ section before emailing us. If you need to contact us at all costs, you can always use our email system or request a callback. All homebuyer viewings are free and only available to qualified prospective homeowners who satisfy our Proof of Funds (POF) requirements. 


Smart Effective Communications

It's so archaic for your first question to us to be 'where's your office located?' when you could have gone ahead and asked your question assuming answers to your questions can only be provided from a brick-and-mortar, and even when our physical office locations have been clearly stated on our website contact section, and additional information provided when in-person meetings are required and only via appointment.

Physical office location is not the only place to provide answers to enquiries that could simply be provided by any of our customer relations executives. As part of our operational efficiency policies, we operate a digital-first service – meaning all communications would have to be started via our digital channels. Not every enquiry will require in-person follow-up meetings and neither will it travel to our onboarding process. Burning fuel (contributing to carbon emissions) to visit any of our premises to just come and make an enquiry for a service you may not even qualify for is just 'useless waste of time'. Embrace change.

Instead of saying 'Hi', 'Hello', 'Good Morning' via our social media platforms waiting to be responded to by any of our customer service executives before you make your enquiry, please go ahead and ask your question and they will respond to you in due time.


Proof of Funds (POF)

All prospective homebuyers are required to satisfy this requirement. This is a no fee upfront phase to weed out mere talkers or disqualified persons from our platform. If you're all talk but no action, this platform is not for you - take your mere talk elsewhere. To be qualified to buy a home from us, you first need to prove that your net monthly income is above GHs1,000 (if not paying outright in full).

No POF, No Discussion. Learn more.


Off-Plan Delivery

Almost all our homes are pre-ordered before they are delivered. Building designs with physical showhomes available for qualified persons who have complete our POF phase.



You would almost always need to appoint a lawyer to act on your behalf when buying from us.