Affordable Housing

50,000 affordable homes are being built and delivered to qualified salaried workers (owner-occupants) in Ghana between 2020 and 2030. Varied data abound and confirm that the supply of affordable new homes is grossly out-of-kilter with demand and that this mismatch is “intrinsically linked” to affordability and host of other factors. The housing crisis will be a “permanent issue in Ghanaian society” unless there is a radical rethink on how to deliver more affordable homes, and that is what we seek to change, on course to disrupt the way things are traditionally done in the real estate industry in Ghana.


How we fund our affordable housing projects

Our innovative funding model includes a cocktail of patient capital sources (not bank borrowing) and unconventional sustainable financing strategies, including long-term institutional investors, private equity funds, real estate funds, infrastructure funds, the special situations credit fund, hedge funds, family offices.

We can guarantee the serious homebuyer a truly affordable or life starter homes with many benefits - Appropriate funding and development vehicles with a focused strategy. We preoccupy ourselves with appropriately priced low income homes with flexibly arranged accessible financing options that works and provide the homebuyer stability, with no stress.


Home Purchase Options

We provide a comprehensive home purchase option covering all income earning classes. This include: conventional home mortgage, pension mortgages, rent to buy, seller financing, self-financing (instalment payments), trade-ins (up/down), etc. Learn more. None of our in-house home financing options require you to make any upfront payment. You just need to demonstrate verifiable proof of employment and steady stream of income and you're on your way to stress-free home ownership.


How can your in-house mortgages be within 6-12% p.a.? What's the catch when others are quoting circa 20% in Ghana?

There is no catch. It's just common sense, creative financing, funding sources, business model, operating model and ridding our business operations off out-dated processes that cost and/or waste money. Technology plays a big role in all our operations, from start to finish -- complimenting our lean operations (the reverse which makes homes expensive with most developers).

Secondly, the group does not raise any funding at all from Ghana or any of the high interest rate borrowing environment - instead, we raise funding from zero interest rate policy (zirp) and negative interest rate policy (nirp) environments via compliant vehicles and investment instruments aside proprietary sources and overall capital allocation of the group in exploiting global rate differentials for its benefits and that of its loyal customers.

Thirdly, because the homebuilder and financier are from one parent company and same funding source, we fund just the builder to deliver the new build and the home loans provider undewrites the home loan with home loan repayment


What you need to know

• No upfront fees required to register your interest

• Affordable home prices with us typically starts from GHs120,000

• All prices are for homes completed and ready to move-in

• All home prices are inclusive of the cost of land, soft infrastructure and amenities advertised in selling pack.

• Prospective qualified homebuyers need to show proof of employment and/or steady income before viewing can be arranged or buying can proceed.



• Affordable homes are located at suburban or non-metro locations

• Typical affordable housing developments locations may include, without limitation:

i. Dodowa, Prampram, Asabee, Danfa (near Oyibi),

ii. Koforidua (Asokore, Akwadum, Oyoko, Nyamekrom, Amepdwei(after Nyamekrom)),

iii. Kumasi (Anwia Nkwanta, Akyease, Kokofu),

iv. Cape Coast/Winneba.

v. More locations being added quarterly. We are constantly looking for land to buy.


Affordable Home Types

• House types may include: One bedrooms, Two bedrooms, Three bedrooms and Four Bedrooms.

• Homes may be a duplex, triplex, fourplex/quadplex/quadruplex or detached or semi-detached, or a terrace.

• Livable communities: Minimum of 4 units per location and Maximum of 50 units per location.


I'm interested, what do I do next?

You first need to pre-qualify by satisfying our proof of funds (POF) requirement.

Note: You do not need to call us. Just complete our Free POF requirement, and we would contact you ourselves from our office phoneline after successful completion.