We Buy Houses

About Your Data:

In line with our privacy policy and/or applicable data protection laws, all your information is for internal use only. We will treat them confidentially. For information about what we do with non-sensitive data see our privacy policy.


Fraud Warning:

It is a criminal offence to try (or attempt) to sell a property you do not own or have not been authorized to sell, to us. You cannot sell (or attempt to sell) what you don't own (or authorised to sell, if you're an agent) to us. All fraudulent submissions will be forwarded to law enforcement agencies in line with our Anti-Fraud Policies.


Important Notice to Agents:

We prefer buying directly from owners of properties and not middle-men, agents or brokers. However, agents can still sell their clients properties to us, so long as they take their commissions and charges from the property owners and not from us - We DON'T pay commission to agents as a company policy.






C. VIRTUAL TOUR DETAILS:  We need such details before we go ahead to do our background checks on ownership and unencumbered status, before visiting your property in-person. Please make sure you eliminate all personal photographs.

Allowed file extensions: mp4, avi, wmv, webm, flv.

D. PROOF OF OWNERSHIP: Please note that, receipts are not proof of ownership.

E. AML / CTF REQUIREMENT: As part of our property acquisition compliant processes, we are mandated to make sure we are not buying a a property that was acquired with laundered money and/or other proceeds of crime.

F. CONVEYANCING DETAILS: We ONLY absorb fees of conveyancers and/or lawyers from our database - So if you're expected to foot the bills of any middle-persons you decide to bring onboard with this property sale transaction.