Sell Us Your Commercial Property for Cash in any Condition, for a Fair Price. There are several reasons why one may want to sell their non-commercial property: Retirement, Closing Business, Downsizing, Relocation, Investing in new venture, inheritance, Tired Landlord, Costly Repairs, Financial Hardships, Foreclosure, Divorce, Health Issues, etc.

We Buy All Hospitality Assets (Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Lounges, Leisure Facilities, etc) via DCANS Hospitality, and Fuel/Filling Stations (or all other energy assets) via DCANS Energy. All other commercial properties can be submitted directly to us via the online form at the bottom of this page.



Sell your property fast with these 4 easy steps:

Step 1 - Contact us submitting the online form and tell us a little more about your property.

Step 2 - We’ll contact you to visit your property after completing our background checks (searches, unencumbered status, etc), and perhaps make an all-cash offer on the spot.

Step 3 - Once you accept our fair cash offer, we’ll sign the contract and schedule a closing date of your choice.

Step 4 - On the closing day is when we formally complete the transaction, and after a few hours or days you will get all your cash.



We can consider any type of commercial (non-residential) property, especially: Hotels, Guest Houses, Office Spaces, Clinics, Hospitals, Commercial Land, etc.



DCANS Properties is part of a larger family, The DCANS Group Limited, with in-house funding subsidiaries, divisions and intra-group partners. We DON'T depend and/or rely on traditional bank financing, retail deposits or investments to finance our property acquisition drive.

We're well-funded to buy your property if sales price is agreed. We fund our property acquisition with our own funds (AML-compliant Global Balance Sheet Operations of The DCANS Group Limited, it's subsidiaries and/or divisions) via in-house investors include: Proprietary FX Trading Platforms DCANS FX, Institutional Investors DCANS Investments Ghana and DCANS Capital UK and C57H, Direct Mortgage Providers DCANS Mortgage Ghana and DCANS Mortgage UK, Dedicated DCANS Property Fund, Property Flipping Platform The Property Portfolio Builder, Payment Providers DCANS Pay (Ghana) and Quid Pay (UK), Non-deposit taking Direct Lenders Sikamaster Ghana and Quidmaster UK, Energies Trading Platform DCANS Energy, Groupwide Legal & Accounting Platform TLA Firm, Dedicated Non-retail Investment Platforms Crypto81 and XAU79, as well as 'Small' Hedge Fund C57H and Family Office OSFO and other intra-group lending partners.


• You'll get an all cash offer

• We’ll buy your property ‘as is

’• You’ll get personalized service

• Very fast closing

• No agent or broker listing fees or commissions

• No closing costs & fees

• No repairs needed

• No waiting years for a buyer



Kindly use the form below to sell your commercial property to us. No Upfront Fees involved.