Why DCANS Properties?

What makes us different?

The big difference is that we don’t stop caring once we’ve finished the building, or when we’ve sold the house, or even once you’ve moved in. We’re there when you need us, until you’re settled, satisfied and inviting your friends round. At DCANS Properties we believe that handing you your keys to your new property isn't our only goal. Provided by our dedicated team of on site staff our After Sales Care is second to none.

It's about trust and helping where we can, pushing up standards and keeping you involved. Your home most often is a better place, for your future.


Exceptional Build Quality & Design.

We employ expert local craftsmen using the highest quality building materials. Skilled workmen carefully construct superb classic and contemporary residencies in unique styles. Each house provides an attractive living space with kitchens and bathrooms that reflect 21st century attitudes to home comforts and living expectations. Our construction techniques are constantly being developed and refined.


More than Just blocks and mortar.

Our homes consistently stand the test of time because we only use the highest quality and eco-friendly materials.This approach has helped us get referral businesses in new home sales, landscaping, design, construction and energy efficiency.


Outstanding spec fixtures and fittings.

When we're fitting our homes we consider every detail; taps, tiles, flooring. And just like you we want it to be the best. That’s why we insist on high spec fixtures and appliances from quality brand partners. Take a look at our impressive range of features-all included as standard. You will be amazed by the value of our properties.


You can choose the personal touches

Once you’ve reserved a new home, you’ll get your opportunity to choose from a wide range of upgrades and optional extras. Choice of kitchen layout and design, appliances, sanitary ware, wall tiling and general finishes - subject to stage of construction.


It's all about you.

Your home is a reflection of your style. So of course you’ll want a say in how it looks. At DCANS Properties, we give our customers the chance to personalise their homes from work surfaces in the kitchen to tiling in the bathroom.


Home purchase made easy with our Special Offers

We have a range of Special Offers that could help you buy your new home. Whether you’re a first time buyer who wants to buy with just 5% deposit, or you have a home to sell and you’d like us to help, we could make your life easier.


Energy Efficiency

Reduce your bills with our high performance solar pv.


Excellent Security Features

Keeping your home safe and secure with multi point locking to front and rear doors, intruder alarms and external lighting to both the front and rear of the property.


Peace of mind with our warranty

We’re here for you, long after you’ve moved in. All our homes come with a DCANS warranty, which lasts for one year from the date of legal completion.


Don't know how you're going to finance your home?

If you can demonstrate a sustainable monthly income be it as an employee with the government or private company or even business owner, we can help. See our home financing section (from the top menu).


Related Consumer Services

Being a homebuyer with us opens up a whole new world of consumer benefits with us where most of your daily needs can be met in style and almost always on credit when you are hard on cash. If you bought your home with a mortgage via our in-house lender, you can get access to emergency consumer loans, groceries, fashion products, phones/computer products and travel services via sikamaster loans, 7gfoods, reinys's, pc24store, sg hospitality services respectively.


'Chain' Sales Help

If you own a property in the UK and need to sell it before you can close on buying one with us, we get you out of your misery. We can buy your UK home off you via The Property Portfolio Builder (a sister company), whilst simultaneously completing your sale with us in Ghana, subject to terms and conditions.


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