We buy appropriately-priced houses in prime or semi-prime locations that meet our requirements. You simply submit your property details to us via our online form at NO UPFRONT FEES: No Agent Fees, No Listing Fees, No Commissions or any of the other useless fees you incur with a traditional agent or broker - We are Private Real Estate Investors and NOT Agents or Brokers.

We can complete property sales fast & quick within 14-90 days for any of the following properties with required supporting documentation, from motivated sellers:

• Completed Preowned Houses

• Uncompleted Houses (at any level) with valid building permit

• New Build Apartments or Houses (never occupied) with valid building permit

• Old or Dilapidated Houses (mud, wood or unconventional structure, etc)

• Repossessed or Foreclosed Homes

• Any qualified property in any of the following six(6) regions of Ghana: Greater Accra, Eastern, Ashanti, Central, Western and Western North



We understand that selling your home can be a difficult and confusing process, especially if you are in behind in your mortgage payments or have a home in need of repair or for whatever reason(s). We can simplify the process by making you a clear, cash offer to purchase your home, along with presenting other options that may be available to you. We don't buy off-plan properties, however, we buy ongoing developments with valid building permit.

We're available 24/7 all year round to deal - Not just limited to a typical 9-to-5 monday - friday working hours.



1. Enter your basic property information

2. We'll arrange a time to view your home

3. Get a no-obligation, cash offer. No repairs needed.

4. If you accept - we'll buy your house quickly and hassle free.


KYC/AML, Proof of Ownership & Proceeds of Crime Check

Because there are no upfront fees required to sell your property to us, we require you to provide us details of owner of the property which MUST be the same as that on the land documentation (for which the property sits on).

Note that, you cannot pick photos from websites or from sellers and forward it to us as your own for us to incur costs doing our diligence.

Note also that, as part of our Proceeds of Crime Checks, you're required to indicate to us how you came to acquire the property you want to sell to us.



Fast and easy. No upfront cost to the seller. AML-compliant transactions.

• Close Your Sale When You Want

When you work with us you don't have to wait weeks or months to close your sale. We can choose your closing date and we will plan around you, if there's agreement over final price.


• Eliminate All Obstacles

Worried that you live in a slow seller's market? Don't be. We assume all financial, legal, and additional obstacles so you can sell now. Sell your home in just a few days instead of months or years.


• Skip The Showings And Open Houses

Open houses and showings can be a pain to work your daily schedule around, so don't bother with them. When you sell your home to us you won't have to worry about staging your house, hosting showing or open houses.


• Competitive Offers

We base our business model on high volume and lean margins. This means that we are able to offer every seller our best offer. We are very competitive with estimated market value.


• Free Local Moving Included

Every one of our sellers is able to take advantage of our free local move offer. Our in-house professional movers provide you with a safe, easy, and hassle-free moving experience.


• No Repairs Needed

You can skip the long list of repairs if you choose to sell to us. No open houses, no surprises, and no negotiation phase to deal with it. We purchase all homes in their current as-is condition.


• Cut Out The Closing Costs

When you sell to us, you can cut out the middleman. We handle all costs associated with the sale and we buy your home in its current condition. That means you don't have to pay closing costs to the bank or lender or commission to your agent or incur any cost on repairs (painting, cleaning, etc).


• We're Well Capitalized to Buy Your House

We DON'T depend and/or rely on traditional bank financing, retail deposits or investments to finance our property acquisition drive. The DCANS Group Limited invests in real estate by acquiring and renovating existing properties, or developing and building a new ones.

We're well-funded to buy your property if sales price is agreed. We fund our property acquisition with our own funds (AML-compliant Global Balance Sheet Operations of The DCANS Group Limited, it's subsidiaries and/or divisions) via in-house investors include: Proprietary FX Trading Platform DCANS FX and CityStreet Coders & Quants, Nonbank Lenders DCANS Investments (Ghana) and DCANS Capital UK, Direct Home Loans Providers DCANS Mortgage Ghana and DCANS Mortgage UK, Dedicated DCANS Property Fund, Property Flipping Platform The Property Portfolio Builder, Payment Providers DCANS Pay (Ghana) and Quid Pay (UK), Non-deposit taking Direct Lenders Sikamaster (Ghana) and Quidmaster (UK), Oil & Energies Trading Platform DCANS Energy, Groupwide Legal & Accounting Platform TLA Firm, Dedicated Non-retail Investment Platforms Crypto81 and XAU79, as well as 'Small' Hedge Fund C57H and Family Office OSFO and other intra-group lending partners.

We expect you to price your property-to-sell to avoid the back-and-forth, as we have eliminated the need for agent fees and commissions. We don't overpay for property acquisitions - We only close at a fair and competitive price.



We acquire your house for the property portfolio of The DCANS Group Limited, and deploy it for the following uses:

• Monthly rental via Rent Now Pay Later Ghana

• Selling it to prospective homebuyers already on our waiting list via Rent to Buy Ghana

• Selling Middle to Upper Class Homes to prospective homebuyers on our waiting list via DCANS Mortgage Ghana

• Selling to prospective affordable housing homebuyers already on our waiting list complimenting our DCANS Affordable Housing New Builds

• Converting to be used as a Clinic or Hospital by DCANS Healthcare Ghana

• Converting to be used as a cloud kitchen location of DCANS Kitchens Ghana

• To be used as accommodation and/or office locations of subsidiaries and/or divisions of The DCANS Group Limited for increasing staff strength via TDG Jobs Ghana

• Buy for the property portfolio of The DCANS Group Limited via The Property Portfolio Builder



It's important to note that, we're very thorough in doing our due diligence (albeit in an expeditious manner), hence you cannot sell what you don't own to us. If your submitted property details is different from government-issued id number (as requested), we will forward your details to law enforcement authorities for persecution, prosecution and subsequent imprisonment if found guilty of document fraud, attempted fraud and all other criminal infractions you may be trialed for.



You can review all applicable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.




Please complete our online form here.

[Note: We prefer buying from direct owners. However, we can deal with appointed agents and/or brokers so long as they take their commission directly from the direct owners and not from us as we DON'T pay commissions to buy a property as a company policy.]