Tenant Loans

Large rises in house prices driven by a rising population and a slowing of new house builds means people are delaying jumping onto the housing ladder or not jumping on at all. More of us are waiting to buy and, for some of us, lifetime renting, similar to the markets in developed countries, is probable. 

Over a 1,000 rental units are expected to be made available onto the market within now and 2027.



• Loan is funded by Sikamaster Loans (a sister company)

• Tenant loans available to government workers and well-run private company employees only, or startup business owners with an existing business loan with Sikamaster Loans

• Monthly rent cannot exceed 40% of borrower's net salary.

• Rental payments can be converted into a home mortgage via our rent to own option.




• You must be a Ghanaian employee working in Ghana


How to apply

• Kindly apply with us by submitting all required documentation.