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New build homes are selling off fast even before actual construction starts (off-plan) or completed.


How to use the gallery below

• We provide four(4) photos of each building design of a new home sold, all on each row within a view.

• First is the 3D Rendering of the building design, and followed by the 2D ground floor plan.

• The Third photo is the front view shot of the completed home. (Note: Because most homes are bought either at near-completion or 'shell' stage, most photos of fully completed and/or sold homes may not be available at the moment as we want it. For the few that are sold with full 'white goods' furnishings, we are unable to show the final 3rd and 4th photos for privacy and security reasons.

However, there's good news as we're growing a small portfolio of showhomes, so prospective serious homebuyers can visit, touch, feel and satisfy themselves of some of our works up close and not just in pictures, before making the decision to buy from us.)

• The Fourth photo is either the side/back/aerial view or in some circumstances some interior areas of the completed home.

• When you click on the 1st arrow ( > ) at the bottom of the row of four photos, it loads another building design with their corresponding four sets of photos as already described above.


3D/2D Floor Plans & Home Photos

Note: Renderings are an artist's conception and are intended only as a general reference. Features, materials and finishes, including flooring and layout, may be different in the actual apartment/house.



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