Key Technologies

Our development makes use of modern building techniques that maximize space and materials, which will reduce the cost of construction and delivery.

From the initial design through to how you are going to live in one of our homes, we consider the environmental impact of our design, materials and finishes. We are committed to building homes that are both beautiful and ecologically sustainable. Through constant innovation and considered use of technology, we aim to exceed current standards, where possible, so that our homes will be energy efficient and continue to have a low impact on the environment.

At DCANS Properties we believe in building and/or selling the best, most energy efficient homes we can for our customers; that means having a real commitment to continuous improvement - making homes more affordable to run in the face of rapidly rising energy costs. CO2 emissions are substantially reduced too, so our modern new homes are good for your pocket and the environment.


Energy efficient homes and the environment

Energy efficient homes reduce household impact on the environment by using around a quarter of the energy used by an older traditional home. And that means lower energy bills, now and in the future as prices rise, because it takes far less electricity to keep the home comfortable.


Sourcing, re-cycling and minimising waste

We build and source and re-cycle with respect for the environment too. Innovative construction methods on-site allow greater quality control and minimise waste. Where possible, we source locally to support local business and reduce delivery distances. We also use recycled materials and we re-cycle our own waste materials whenever we can. Around our properties we carefully consider the needs of each development. As such we landscape the grounds, add sustainable drainage systems and butts to collect rainwater, plant a wide variety of plants, shrubs and trees to attract butterflies, bees and birds.


Research and development

Striving always to build the best homes we can, we run innovation, research and development programmes in-house. Some questions are too big for us to answer alone, so we work in collaboration with academics, suppliers and other partners from industry. We are the first volume house builder to offer solar photovoltaic panels as an inclusive component as well as an optional extra.


Photovoltaic solar panels

Installed by professionals, our high quality solar pv panels come with a long guarantee, continue to generate electricity on a cloudy day and emit zero CO2. The financial benefits of solar pv have never been more accessible - Your electricity bill will normally be reduced.

You could generate electricity and an income with solar pv panels fitted to your home and you’ll be helping the environment too.



Biofil Toilet System (BTS)

A better option to the old-fashioned soakway (aka: manhole or septic tank). The BTS combines the benefits of the traditional and those of the composting toilets, while eliminating the drawbacks and the disadvantages of both systems.

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