Invest for the future with DCANS Properties. Take advantage of our unique property investment opportunity!

Buying property can be one of the most rewarding and lucrative investments you ever make. It can also ruin you. Real estate is a risky game even for the most seasoned investors, but when you're just starting out, the stakes are even higher. Regardless of your experience in real estate investment, however, it pays to have tools that help reduce your risk and optimize your return. DCANS Properties is one such vehicle.

If you’re an individual investor or company looking for the opportunity to acquire a property portfolio, DCANS Properties has a number of options available - a number of show homes and demonstration properties for sale across the country make an ideal property investment aside typical rental properties. This could be the perfect time for you to invest in a new property.

Current investment rates and demand for rental properties mean now could be a great time to reap the potential short and long term benefits associated with investing in property. New build properties rather than older homes have the added extra benefits of low maintenance costs, no property chain and new appliances.


Benefits of the DCANS Properties Investor Package

• Alternative to saving in a bank or stock market or falling prey to some of the most dangerous non-bank financial institutions (incl microfinance companies)

• Access to direct buy-to-let mortgages with great LTV rates on houses and apartments, with our in-house direct lenders Sikamaster Loans (Ghana) and Quidmaster Loans (UK) respectively up to 95% LTV. Note: You may choose any lender of your choice outside our in-house options.

• Discounted furniture and white goods packages

• Stamp duty offers (dependent on ltv)


Benefits of investing in a new home

• All the benefits that come with investing in a tangible investment like real estate

• More energy efficient

• Low maintenance