Finding exclusive off-market properties and how you can successfully buy or sell your home without any public advertising - This falls in line with our operational efficiency policies that rids our platform of unqualified persons, fraudsters and bad actors, and time wasters. We utilize sophisticated, intelligent and creative discreet marketing that provides value, speed and privacy to our customers. Not every property we have for sale is advertised publicly.

The motivation for keeping a property sale private can be for a number of reasons. Here are the most frequently reported reasons for our clients to request a discreet approach to selling their home or we sell out homes:



Operational Efficiency

Enforcing our Proof of Funds (POF) requirement for all prospective homebuyers ensures that resources are only allocated to qualified potential buyers and not time-wasters.




Just like how we request for Proof of Funds from all buying from us, POF is required before viewing will be arranged, in line with our background checks. It is a common misconception that the only way to sell your home is to ask an estate agent to advertise it online (and have it copied and pasted by just about anybody on other online platforms), but as we have explained there are several reasons behind why you might want to sell without it becoming common knowledge, as we almost always have pre-qualified buyers in our database to achieve quick sale.


Getting The Price Right

This allows sellers to test the price of a property before releasing it to the open market. We will selectively arrange viewings with suitable buyers, feedback from which can guide them to the right price to sell for before leaving a digital footprint and added-on date.


Stops Neighbourhood Gossip

Many people in small communities prefer to avoid frequent questions and conversations with their neighbours about their reason for moving or they simply want to avoid their personal possessions being displayed online.


Only Interested In Quality Buyers

Some sellers don’t want to waste time with lots of viewings and only want buyers who are in a good position to purchase to view their home. Imagine opening your doors for all manner of persons to visit your home under the pretext of viewing and only to rob you at a later date.


Ease Disruption To Children

Sometimes parents will have made the decision to move, but don’t want their children to find out through word of mouth first. Keeping the fact that your house is for sale, private, is a great way to prevent talk of your planned move from entering the playground and/or your neighbourhood.


Selling Your Home After A Dispute With A Neighbour

Neighbour disputes or disagreements within families can mean some people prefer to keep their planned move secret until they have found a new home.