Deposit Match

Options and Extras

Useful incentives ranging from helping with your deposit to taking over the burden of selling your present home. Your new PS Home is like a blank canvas. When you move in, you’ll fill it with colour and life as you add your furnishings, your stuff, your personality. But you might not have to wait that long.



Part Exchange

Swap your old house for a brand new PS home with our Part Exchange scheme and take the uncertainty and stress out of moving. We make the whole process painless !

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Assisted Move

Take some of the stress and cost out of selling your old property, making your dream move a reality.

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Minimise upheaval with our Downsize scheme. If you’re having trouble selling your present property, we may be able to buy it from you.

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Deposit Match

Are you currently saving for your deposit? We can match the deposit you’ve saved, up to 5% of the total price. The bigger the deposit you put down the better the interest rate you can get from your lender.

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Recommend Us

Even if you’re not moving yourself, you can recommend us to a friend or family member, and when they buy a PS home we give you £1,500.

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Stamp Duty

We can offer to help you pay your SDLT.


All-in-One Home Ownership Package

You have the unique option to choose any of our in-house home finance options, stress-free, transparent and fair.


White Goods & More

We design our homes for real people and, we’ve discovered that you’re all different from each other. So we build in as many different options as we practically can, to let you choose the fixtures, fittings and extras that fit your lifestyle and preferences.

The earlier in the build process you reserve your home, the more options you are likely to have. Your Sales Adviser will be able to tell you exactly what’s available. Remember though, that the extras you add might not raise the value that your mortgage lender places on your home, just as any furnishings or fittings you add independently, after you move in, will not raise the value of the actual property.

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