Build-to-Rent Schemes

Free Wifi at our rental properties provided and professionally managed by SMX Internet.


DCANS Properties' landmark schemes include: student-style flats/apartments/houses, hotel-style flats/apartments/houses, purpose-built block of family homes with party spaces for renters in selected locations in Ghana with rental demand backed with inhouse data.

The DCANS Group has committed funds via DP Fund for build-to-rent portfolio, which has committed funds and has 2,200 rental homes under way or planned, many of them in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Koforidua, and their neighbouring towns. The group is in private rental sector for the long haul, as demonstrated by utilities, amenities, food & beverage points, clinics, health & wellness centres and transport systems which are part of our strategy. On offer will be a choice of one-, two- and three-bedroom flats/apartments/houses, with rents starting from ghs200 a month.

DP offers two-year tenancies with 6 month rent advance. Rental sites with 10 units or more will have a full-time on-site building manager to deal with maintenance problems and try to create a community, with regular get-togethers for the residents.


Range of facilities and amenities (at 10 or more rental units locations)

Note: Less than 10 units per location will have first two and other facilities and amenites may be located at a distance.

• Free high speed wifi - Supermax Internet

• Reliable water and electricity

• Onsite clinic/pharmacy - Kaizer Pharma

• Onsite health & beauty store - reiny's wholesale and retail ghanastore

• Onsite restaurant/fast-food joint/grocery store/convenience store- 7g foods

• Subsidised private commercial transport service and uber to central business district (CBD) - glostar motors

• Money transfer services - moneyafrique

• .... and many others, including external partnerships.

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