In-office in-person meetings are strictly by appointment, and for only relevant issue(s) that cannot be resolved by our digital channels, especially for our NO UPFRONT FEE services. If there are pre-requisites that MUST be satisfied before scheduling an appointment we will insist it's met before arranging a meeting.

Please be reminded that our risk-free services respectfully does not make room for talkshop, unrelated chatter, mere talk, unsolicited marketing. You cannot use in-person appointment for seeking employment or alms or any of the mundane or repetitive tasks (enquiries, etc) when there are designated digital channels for that in line with our operational efficiency policies.

If we haven't gotten back to you within 72 hours of booking your appointment, then it means you have not been successful in booking an in-person in-office appointment, or simply because we dont consider your reason(s) to be relevant enough to warrant an office appointment. We encourage you to use our digital channels for a service that charges NO UPFRONT FEES OR PAYMENT.

If you disagree with how we operate, please don't use our services.