DCANS Affordable Home Loans Scheme (DAHLS)

A way for those on low incomes to not just get access to finance to buy a home, but to do so in a way that would allow them to borrow more by being charged less for the money. Rather than base affordability on central bank income multiples, it is based on disposable income, which allowed people to borrow more. And given that monthly repayments were going to be lower thanks to lower interest rates, it makes house buying more affordable.



• Can only be used to buy any of our properties and not an external property

• Can be used to buy any of our in-house affordable homes within GHs120,000 and GHs950,000 only

• Rates within 6-12% per annum

• Strictly for Salaried Workers (Public or Private) and with a net monthly salary of less than GHs4,000

• Public Sector Workers must have been working permanently for at least 1year (excluding national service)

• Private Sector Workers must have been working permanently with the current employer for at least 2yrs (excluding national service)


Funding Sources

Funds for this loan are strictly from in-house and not from the general public or retail depositors/investors.


How do I apply?

First complete our Proof of Funds (POF) requirement.