We Buy Houses

We encourage you to review our acquisition processes before completing the form below to submit your property you want to sell to us. It's FREE to sell your qualified property to us - We handle all applicable conveyancing fees and charges. We are private investors and not agents.


Basic Requirements:

• The only acceptable proof of ownership of real estate is either Land Title OR Indenture/Deed in the name(s) of the actual seller or in the name of a business or company a shareholder is the actual seller (if not the business as a corporate entity itself) and not third-parties - Receipts are not acceptable proof of property ownership. Possession of mere property photos or videos are not proof of ownership, and neither does your access to a property prove ownership. There have been cases where naive caretakers of properties have tried to sell a property to us - For the uninitiated Real Estate Transactions are not like buying tomatoes or a tin of milk from the supermarket please !!!

• Photos and Videos of the property will be required (both exterior and interior, excluding personal photos or identification),

• Digital Address Code of the property is mandatory, but google map coordinates are optional (but helpful if you can provide).

• Our acquisition processes and accompanying online forms for submitting your property details to us, have been designed to facilitate faster and quicker property sales, typically within 14-90 days with us, as against over 6-60 months (5yrs+) it may take you to sell a property via traditional agents or property listing websites.

• We only do in-person viewing after our background checks come in as legit, before making our offer.


What We Buy:

We also buy Registered Lands and Commercial Properties (including Hotels, Guest Houses, Clinics, Hospitals, Offices, Shops, Apartment Complexes, Hostels, Warehouses, etc), and have different online forms for it,

but the form below is strictly for selling your Completed or Uncompleted House to us - Valid Building Permits are mandatory for all Uncompleted Houses or Buildings.


Contact Details:

If we need to contact you on your submitted property, we will only call you from any of The DCANS Contact Centre Phone Numbers:

0244-189-193 (whatsapp-enabled),




Note that, The DCANS Contact Centre Phone Numbers, used by all subsidiaries and/or divisions of The DCANS Group Limited in Ghana, are configured for outbound relevant phone calls only - does not receive incoming phone calls. You can always request a callback and we will call you back at no cost to you.


The DCANS Contact Centre Phone Numbers above are fully-registered in the name of the founder (director/shareholder), in line with SIM Registration Laws in Ghana, but not necessarily held by him but dedicated for business use of The DCANS Group Limited only. All communications (including phonecalls on all the phone numbers are monitored and/or stored, in line with applicable privacy laws).


All fraudulent and spammy messages (including those useless lottery messages) to any of contact centre phone numbers will automatically be deleted and senders automatically blacklisted and blocked across all platforms of The TDG Ecosystem.


or email you from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will NEVER ask you to make any upfront payment to sell your property to us.

Kindly take note that, there's nothing wrong with our online form below. If you have genuine technical difficulty, you may email or whatsapp us your property details (Title or Indenture/Deed, Photos & Videos of all areas of the property, Asking Price, Other Relevant Information). Our acquisition processes have been designed to complete most (if not all) qualified acquisitions within 14-90 days IF all valid supporting documentation are sent in time.



About Your Data:

In line with our privacy policy and/or applicable data protection laws, all your information is for internal use only. We will treat them confidentially. For information about what we do with non-sensitive data see our privacy policy.



Fraud Warning:

It is a criminal offence to try (or attempt) to sell a property you do not own or have not been authorized to sell, to us. You cannot sell (or attempt to sell) what you don't own (or authorised to sell, if you're an agent) to us. All fraudulent submissions will be forwarded to law enforcement agencies in line with our Anti-Fraud Policies.



Important Notice to Agents:

We prefer buying directly from owners of properties and not middle-men, agents or brokers. However, agents can still sell their clients properties to us, so long as they take their commissions and charges from the property owners and not from us - We DON'T pay commission to agents as a company policy.



Before You Complete Form:

Kindly take note that, you'll automatically get a copy of the completed form below in your provided email address after you click submit, so you don't need to alert us of your submission. Well send you a personalised email, or whatsapp message or call you over the phone number provided within 7-30 days (average) of receipt of your submission to inform you of steps being taken. If you haven't heard from us by this timeline, kindly follow-up with an email or whatsapp message.




C. VIRTUAL TOUR DETAILS:  We need such details before we go ahead to do our background checks on ownership and unencumbered status, before visiting your property in-person. Please make sure you eliminate all personal photographs.

D. PROOF OF OWNERSHIP: Please note that, receipts are not proof of ownership.

E. AML / CTF REQUIREMENT: As part of our property acquisition compliant processes, we are mandated to make sure we are not buying a a property that was acquired with laundered money and/or other proceeds of crime.

F. CONVEYANCING DETAILS: We ONLY absorb fees of conveyancers and/or lawyers from our database - So if you're expected to foot the bills of any middle-persons you decide to bring onboard with this property sale transaction.