Funding Model

The DCANS Property Fund (DPF) is an illiquid private real estate fund that provides access to a dedicated pool of capital to in-house and selected outside real estate contractors and developers for new developments and deals without having to raise capital on a deal-by-deal basis. This unlisted fund invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality Ghana residential and commercial property construction and developments.

The fund aims to provide investors with sustainable and stable, tax-advantaged income and potential for capital growth.



Open-ended hybrid float structure

The group runs three (3) major private property funds with different geographical location focus, which enables us to pool capital without having to navigate the cumbersome securities registration process involved in launching a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) or other publicly-offered investment fund.


Investors, Joint Venturers and Equity Partners

In line with our sustainability and stability model, investors are restricted to The DCANS Group Limited and its subsidiary and affiliated companies and entities at the moment. All funding is drawn from the balance sheet of 30 selected subsidary companies of the group and/or sister companies of DCANS Properties.

Fund is not open to retail investors. However, qualified accredited (high-net worth investors) and/or sophisticated investors with at least $3 million in investable assets (excluding home equity) may invest indirectly via one of the C57H Funds.


Fund Size

DPF I, which directly finances the group's projects and developments in Ghana, has 900,000,000 nonpublic shares issued, priced at $1 - $100 per share at different classes. Flexible capital calls with periodic call downs in line with strategy timescales. DPF II & III are also of similar size.


Investment Horizon

3-5 years minimum, Tiered.


Fund Management



Fund Structures



Liquidity Ratio



Investor Distribution



Target ROE

 5-27% annualised, after fees


Uses and Fundable Projects (Beneficiaries)

- Financing the ongoing timely delivery of first 20,000 of 50,000 housing units to qualified homebuyers in Ghana between 2020 and 2030. DPF II and DPF III provide additional layer of funding via the group's operational strategy.

- Direct financing of pipeline commercial developments.


Benefits to the Client and Customer

Timely delivery of qualified projects and developments.



Fund is managed at the group level with an unrestricted global focus and administered under UK laws.



Below are a few of the reliable investors we work with:

DCANS Capital

DCANS Investments



BFI International

MSI Capital Ventures

Quidmaster Loans

Sikamaster Loans




XAU 79

DCANS Financial


Property Sultan UK


DCANS Energy

RBG - a 'special niche banking vehicle' to be operational soon ending Bank of Ghana regulatory approval.


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