50,000 Affordable Homes

According to a UN-Habitat study in 2011, Ghana’s housing deficit was projected to hit 5.7 million by 2020. It was estimated that the country needs at least 100,000 units of housing per year to meet the growing demand for housing. Given the current estimated housing supply of 40,000 units per annum, there is an un-met deficit of 60,000 units every year.

We have committed to build and sell 50,000 affordable homes to Ghanaian workers in both the public and private sectors, in the next decade through 2030.


Availability and Affordability Challenge

Our unique operating model (The DCANS Way) guarantees availability of in-house patient capital and/or direct funding for both the supply side (construction financing) and demand side (appropriately priced home mortgages and home financing options) for qualified buyers -- both groups of financing coming from 'one source' allows us to appropriately price our homes with the Ghana Salary Levels in mind amid a plethora of home financing option


Where are all your completed 50,000 homes?

Sorry if you expecting us to have built 50,000 homes waiting to be occupied. Our model is predominantly Off Plan with Showhomes. With our no upfront fee home reservation and construction finance for 50,000 affordable homes already raised and available over the 2020-2030 period, we can deliver approved homes for qualified homebuyers within 3 months or less! Our model accommodates multiple concurrent home construction.

However, there will be less than 100 build for sell homes likely to be ready for occupation in early 2021.


Who qualifies to buy one?

Strictly for first-time homebuyers who are salaried workers (public or private) and qualified registered business owners - Your net monthly salary must be GHs1,000 (annual income after tax for business owners must be at least GHs12,000) to be classified qualified to proceed from there. You must be Ghana resident.

Homes are also strictly for owner-occupancy and not for onward rent. If you need to acquire a property to rent out, see here.


Qualifying Monthly Salary

To acquire any of our affordable homes, your net monthly salary must be at least GHs1,000.


Price Range

Our affordable housing homes ranges between GHs120,000 and GHs950,000.


Affordable Homes Purchase Options

We probably have the most options you can use to acquire a home in Ghana today. This include, but not limited to:

• Conventional Home Mortgage

• Pension Mortgage

• Family Mortgage

• Rent to Buy

• Business Owner Home Loans

• Trade-ins (up / down)*

• DCANS Affordable Home Loans Scheme (DAHLS)

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