Third Party Listings

Our listing with airbnb helps guests get a sense of what our place is like. It's an option to book any of our rental properties via a third-party, make required payments to them and when we receive the notification of your complete reservation, we prepare your reserved space for the dates chosen. 

Note that, our use of this third-party offers peace of mind for both the prospective tenant as regards the safety of any rental payments via online booking and certainty as regards the space being filled on our part. We only get paid after you have checked in, so don't worry.


How to book

You check our profile for space availability on the platform at airbnb and if you are ok with our house rules you make a booking. We start getting your home ready for you when you have made payment to airbnb for your reservation with us. We control all calendar schedules on this third-party platform. We would be glad for a positive review on airbnb after you have completed your stay with us.

Note: Bookings made via Airbnb are slightly higher than direct bookings on our website, because airbnb charges a 3% fee for all bookings.


Alternative bookings

Returning tenants and/or even new clients can still book directly at relatively lower rates here.


Nature of our rental properties

Diverse portfolio of rental units, from studio (single room self-contained), to four (4) bedroom apartments/houses, semi/fully furnished and serviced or unserviced.


Stuffs provided

Clean sheets, towels, and toiletries and any added extras.


Additional services (at an added costs)

We may offer breakfast(bed and breakfasts), three meals daily with snacks and desserts, airport pickups(if travelling in from outside Ghana) or intra-country pick-up, laundry, concierge services, culinary help(cook/chef), etc. Experience or sight-seeing tours available at an extra fee.


Rental Period

Minimum stay of seven(7) days only.

No maximum stay length. Discounts available for 30 days or more.


Our difference

A few of the properties we put up for rental may even be available for sale, outright. If you stay in and like it, you can own it after paying us! Simple as that.

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